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Card Games Strategies

Useful strategy advices for online Kalooki 40 players.
Online Kalooki 40 is a simple game, at a first glance, but in reality a number of strategy can be applied. Ludopoli give some advices about discarding cards.

Online tournaments of card games like poker hold'em or buraco
There is little doubt that joining an online tournament of kalooki 40 or online buraco is far more easier and cheaper than joining a real tournament. Let's see the advantages of playing free online card games.

Strategies and tips for beginner online poker players.
Some useful strategy tips to guide the beginner Texas Hold'em player; learn to evaluate your online poker hands.

Basic strategy and advices to win in online Buraco card game.
Online Buraco matches can become tricky, even if you know the card game rules. Most of the time it's necessary to follow a strategy to win online Buraco matches.

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