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Gin Rummy Rules

Gin Rummy rules and Client interface description

Number of players - 2
Deck - standard 52 card deck (no jokers)

Run – Three or more cards of the same suit in sequence.
Set – three or four cards sharing the same rank, but of different suits.
Deadwood – the sum of the point values of the cards in one player’s hand, which are not used in any run or set.
Knocking – a player can knock when, after having discarded, his/her deadwood count is 10 or less. In this case, the player lays down his/her cards with the runs and/or the sets clearly separated from the deadwood. By knocking, the hand ends.
Lay off – when the opponent knocks, the defending player is entitled to use the cards in his/her hand to continue or complete any of the knocking player’s runs and/or sets. This is called ‘lay off’.
Going Gin – knocking with 0 points of deadwood. This action ends the hand, and laying off is not allowed.
Going Big – a player using all 11 cards (10 plus the drawn card) in his/her hand to form runs and/or sets. This action ends the hand, and laying off is not allowed.
Ending a hand – going Gin, going Big or Knocking.
Box – a 25 points bonus awarded in specific game conditions. These points do not add up to the points needed to end the match, they are only counted up at the end of the game.
Undercut – occurs when knocking player’s deadwood count is greater than or equal to the defending player’s one.

The dealer deals a 10-card hand to both the opponent and himself. Than he places a card face-up (upcard) as the first of the discard pile, and places the remainder of the card pack face-down as the stock pile. Both players’ turn begins by drawing a card from either the stock pile or the discard pile. During his/her turn, a player can knock, go Gin or go Big. The turn ends by discarding a card or by going Big. The game continues until one of the players satisfies certain conditions and chooses to knock, or only 2 cards remain in the stock pile. In the latter case, the game ends with a draw, and the cards must be dealt again. In the former case, the defending player may, if allowed to, lay off and finally lay down any runs or sets he formed, separating them clearly from his/her deadwood.

When knocking, if knocking player has a deadwood count lower than the opponent’s one, he/she receives a score equal to the difference between the players’ deadwood counts; if not, the defending player gain 20 points plus the difference between the deadwood counts.When going Gin, the player gains 25 points plus the opponent’s deadwood count. In this case, the player can never undercut.When going Big, the player gains 50 points plus the opponent’s deadwood count. In this case, the player can never undercut.For every hand won, a player is awarded a box.

End of the game
The game ends when one of the players scores the points needed to win. The player who won the match gains 100 points; then the boxes of every players are added up, and the player who scored the most points wins the game.

Oklahoma Gin – in this version of Gin Rummy, the value of the first face-up card in the discard pile (when dealing the cards) is used to determine the maximum deadwood count at which players can knock. If the upcard is an Ace, no knocking is allowed, only going Gin or Big. If the upcard is a Spade, the score for winning the hand will be doubled.

Hollywood Gin – in this variation, the players play three different games at the same time: when a player wins the first hand, his/her score will be recorded under Game One; a player’s second win will be recorded under both Game One and Game Two; the third win (and all subsequent ones) will be recorded under all the games. Hands are played until all three games are finished.

Funzionamento nel client di gioco
Pescare dal mazzo: cliccare con il pulsante sinistro sul mazzo
Pescare dagli scarti: cliccare con il pulsante sinistro sugli scarti
Scartare: trascinare la carta che si vuole scartare sugli scarti
Calare una sequenza o una combinazione: selezionare una alla volta le carte che formano la sequenza o la combinazione con un doppio click sulla carta scelta. Una volta selezionata l'intera sequenza o combinazione click singolo col pulsante sinistro del mouse sul tavolo verde (il puntatore del mouse cambia in 3 piccole carte se è posizionato correttamente). Le sequenze o combinazioni vanno calate una alla volta. E' possibile in caso di dimenticanza attaccare singole carte o gruppi selezionati alle carte già calate trascinando la carta sul gruppo a cui si vuole attaccare
Bussare: dopo aver calato le proprie sequenze e/o combinazioni trascinare la carta che si vuole scartare nel riquadro con la scritta "Limite del knock"
Andare a Gin: vedi Bussare, ma la carta che si scarta è l'ultima che si ha in mano
Andare a Big: se si resta senza carte in mano dopo aver calato tutte le proprie sequenze e/o combinazioni si va automaticamente a Big
Effettuare i lay off (attaccare alle sequenze o combinazioni dell'avversario): trascinare la carta scelta sul gruppo di carte a cui si vuole attaccare. Una volta terminati i lay off e dopo aver calato eventuali sequenze e/o combinazioni cliccare sul pulsante Passo

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