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Basic strategy to win online Buraco card games

Like other card games, such as Kalooki 40, Gin Rummy, or other italia card games like Tresette, online Buraco card game is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Thats why the beginner player is all eager to begin play online Buraco matches, but end up losing against strong players, because, even if he knows the Buraco card game rules, he doesn't follow a winning Buraco strategy.
Without a winning Buraco strategy, even one mistakes could make you lose an online Buraco game.

One of the best winning Buraco strategy to follow is to always remember that is more important, in order to win an online Buraco match, to gain lot of score points, rather than trying to complete a hand in the shortest time possible. In online Buraco games, it's possible to win a match even if you lose the hand, provided you score as many points as possible.
Generally speaking, to win in online Buraco game, you have to evaluate if the cards you have are good enough to try and go for cmopleting the hand, or if you have to "play defensively", in order to gain points, and reduce penalties (for not getting the pot cards, for example). Remember that there is always the next hand to try and win the online Buraco match.

A very popular Buraco strategy is that of teaming up with skilled players, with whom you have a perfect understanding. This "harmony" can be reached only by playing a lot of online Buraco matches together; that's why is always a good thing to stack up some experience in free online Buraco sites, and joining online Buraco tournaments.

To become a professional Buraco player, is of paramount importance to learn to read the game flow and to pay attention to the discarded cards (both your opponent's and your teammate's): this will help you determine what is the opponent's game, what card are holding in their hands, or what cards do they need.
Another winning strategy for online Buraco game is starting the initial meld at the right time: it's usually a good move to hold the melding until the opponents land it first. This does not mean that if the opponent keeps landing cards and doesn't meld you should still hold on to your initial meld. Simply, you have to pay attention to the game and choose the right time to meld your cards, in order to win online Buraco games.

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