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Ludopoli is a virtual city which deals with online card games in all its different facets. Choose a city area in which you want to play cards: You can test your logic skills with Chess, your coolness with Poker Texas Hold’em, your mental calculation skills with Buraco or Kalooki 40 or Gin Rummy or Bid Whist, your luck with Tresette.

free buraco online


The most widespread online card game of these years. From latin south-american tradition a game that had his development after the second world war. Use wildcards and jokers to help your strategy but beware of your opponents' tactics. To play 1vs1 or 2vs2.

free kalooki40 online


Similar to gin rummy this card game was born in Hungary 80 years ago. Reach 40 points to open your game and try to remain with no cards in your hands. Be quicker than your oppents. From 2 to 6 players with no alliances.

free tresette online


The great italian traditions of card games in his highest expression. A trick-taking game similar to Whist or All Fours. You have to follow suite remembering wich card will be good to take the trick. Three, Two and Aces are the highest valuable cards. 2Vs2.

free gin rummy online


One of the most classic card game, also online. Simple to learn and difficoult to master. Discover your opponent's game just by looking to his discarted cards and try to knock first, but beware of his lay off. Standard, Oklaoma and Hollywood.

free hold'em online


The most played skill game in the world also in Italy. Are you cool enough to earn as many chips as you can? You will need them to have the chance to play with the best players. Only luck won't be enough!!From 2 to 9 players each table.

free chess online


The Game of the games. No move can be obious in this battle of minds. A battle strategy simulation from ancient times that match logic skills again each other. You can play to earn Elo points or downtime and you can also customize chess pieces or chessboard.

free whist online


In this classic card game you have to bet on your skill. Can you guess how many tricks you will have in any round? From 2 to 6 players again each other in a unique version of this hystoric game. You won't find anything like this in the net!

free Scopone online


Another classic card game playable online! Train your memory adn strategic skills in this exciting game of collecting card without letting the opponents do the same to you. For 4 or 2 people.


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