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Download the program

The program does not contain any virus, trojan, or dialer. It's a simple interface that allows to connect to our server.

System requirements

  1. Computer Processor: pentium IV 1,2Ghz
  2. Computer memory: 256 MB ram
  3. 20 MB of free Hard Disk Space
  4. Operating System: Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista

When you have finished downloading the client, double-click on SETUPLUDOPOLI.EXE and follow the on-screen instructions. The software is very simple and user-friendly, but you can consult our online help, should you have any trouble.



All Ludopoli players have the possibility to customize their game board using custom decks or custom chessboards. Hereafter some example of possible customization of the online games are shown.

To customize your client you must :

  • click the skin's link to download it
  • install the skin running the downloaded file

International deck (used for buraco, gin rummy, whist, kalooki 40, poker hold'em)

Standard deck (default)
Standard deck (default)

International four colors deck Like the standard deck but clubs are green and diamonds are blue so is easier to recognize the suit.
standard deck 4 colors

Stained glass deck (like the standard deck, but the face cards are inspired to Middle Age stained glass)
Stained glass deck

Standard deck 4 seasons (like the standard deck, but the face cards are inspired to the four seasons)
Standard deck 4 seasons

Slavonic pattern
slavonic pattern

Dutch pattern
Dutch pattern

Rheineland pattern
rheineland pattern

Italian regional decks (used for tresette)

Piacentine (default)
carte piacentine

carte napoletane

carte bergamasche

carte bresciane

Primiera Bolognese
carte primiera bolognese

carte romagnole

30 40
carte 30 40

carte genovesi

carte lombarde

carte toscane

carte sarde

carte trevisane

Game server

offline Server offline


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