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Scopa and Scopone scientifico tournaments now online!

As promised, online tournament of Scopa and Scopone scientifico are now available.
Every month, open tournaments of Buraco, Kalooki 40, Tressette and Scopone scientifico will be regularly held, giving the opportunity to win free subscriptions.
Finally, as requested by the majority of users, the penalty points given when losing the connection (while playing) are reduced to 5 from the original 10.
May 25, 2011

Happy New Year to all users of Ludopoli!

Entering the New Year, the staff is proud to present the new features that will be implemented starting from 1 January 2011; these new features represent the spirit of self-perfecting that drives Ludopoli.
The client's main window is more user-friendly, and the user's list is bigger.
Introduction to the all-new Rankings and to the new Levels (with animal-themed graphic icons) reserved for the Citizens, and linked to the new Victory Points system.
Different Rankings for 2-players buraco and 4-players buraco.
Different Rankings for 2-players Tressette and 4-players Tressette.
The winner in a game of Bid Whist and Kalooki 40 (in a match between more than 2 players) receives more points.
Online tournaments will provide Tournament Points, which will be valid for a new Ranking. New levels for the online tournaments will be added for Citizens only.
Return game option implemented (not in Poker or Kalooki 40, in a game of more than 2 players).
On top of all these new features, in January, the new card games “Scopa” and “Scopone scientifico” will be added!
January 1, 2011

Online Poker Tournaments

Finally have been completed online poker tournaments of ludopoli.
The online poker tournaments are Sit & Go for citizens and tourists, of course, completely automated and managed by the server.
With all players starting with the same number of chips and the blinds that grow predetermined intervals.
Each player must have the chips needed for registration at the tournament selected.
The winner will gain all the chips of other players.
You will find the rules and timetable in the online tournament page.
Other new features include the user interface by adding menus even in the main window of the client.
October 15, 2010

Button "Play Now!"

Now you can play all your favorite card games like burraco, tressette or scala40 with a simple click!
In the main window was added a button that can be used by each player, with whom he is immediately brought to the first table free and made to sit on the first empty seat available.
Playing cards is always easier on Ludopoli!
October 15, 2010

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