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Kalooki 40 History

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Kalooki 40, which is also known worldwide as Kalookie or Kaluki (and sometimes as Caloochi, Kaloochi, or Kalougi), is a Rummy variant that is similar to Rummy with several key differences. It is actually a variant of a variant of Rummy, which is called Contract Rummy. Contract Rummy consists of several rounds, in which players must collect specific combinations of sequences and groups before they’re allowed to meld. As deals progress, the contracts become more demanding.
There are several variants of Kalooki, including European, North American, South African and Jamaican Kalooki (two Groups of 3 cards, one Group of 3 and one Sequence of 4, etc.).

In some countries Kaluki is a basic two pack rummy game with 13 or 15 cards dealt per player and a minimum number of points required for an initial meld. I have seen descriptions of this type from Britain, Sweden and North America, and I have been told that it is also popular in Greece.

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