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Hall of Fame

In this page the lists of ten best players of every online game of Ludopoli are shown. The monthly and yearly rankings are updated every first day of month/year.

It is also possible to view all the previous rankings from the beginning of Ludopoli.

Rankings from the beginning of Ludopoli

Year Top Ten of Buraco 2014

PosNicknameScorePlyWonDrwLooGiv% Won 
1 shishi 311000100,0 Not verified
2 bob 33200166,7 Not verified
3 alice 13200166,7 Not verified
4 g -22101050,0 Not verified

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Top Ten!

Pos Nickname
1 Skipcat
2 bob
3 Franz
4 alice
5 Drina
6 Staff
7 cat
8 kursal
9 raspasoj
10 jale


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