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Online tournament rules of Ludopoli


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Online tournament rules of Ludopoli's italian card games

General informations

The online tournaments of Ludopoli are entirely managed via server.
As of now, the following card games are implemented: Buraco, Tressette, Kalooki 40 and Poker Hold'em.
To join a tournament, launch Ludopoli software and log-in; then click on the green icon on the top-left side of the client windows.
Then all you have to do is select the card game you're interested in to display the scheduled tournaments, the tournaments you can enter, the ongoing tournaments, and the finished tournaments.
In the other boxes several informations about the selected tournament wll be displayed such as turn length, type, 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2, and other parameters). Tournament members and the open tables will be displayed as well.
The online tournament types of Ludopoli are mainly 2: single-elimination tournaments and knockout tournaments (the number of stages can vary).
The tournaments are 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2 players.
In 2 vs. 2 tournaments, the couples will be randomly selected by the server, and will remain unchanged for all the tournament's duration.

Who can join?

Realx Tournaments: Tourists and Citizens can join without any distinction. Withdrawals will not result in a Ranking penalty. There is no prize to be won.
Tournaments reserved for Citizens: Citizens only can join. Withdrawals are penalized in the Rankings, and Ludi can be won as prizes.

Tournament matches are valid for the Yearly and Monthly Rankings?

Yes. All the tournament matches of Ludopoli provide points for the Yearly and Monthly Rankings.
Tournaments reserved for Citizens only will give prizes to the tournament's winners.

How to join or exit a tournament

To enter a tournament you have to select the tournament and click the "Join" button.
At any time before the enrollment ends, you can exit the tournament by selecting it and clicking the "Cancel" button.

What are sit & go tournaments?

Sit & go tournaments are tournaments that starts as soon as all the vacant positions are filled.
Apart from those, there are tournaments that start at a fixed time che invece iniziano (displayed in the tournament informations box), no matter the number of players.

Tournament's start and following stages

About one minute prior to the tournament's start, the server will send a warning message to all the enrolled players,who will have to confirm or negate their partecipation.
The player who confirmed his/her parteipation in the online tournament will be automatically transferred to the table, and the card dealer will start the match.
After every match, the player will have to wait for the other matches of the same stage to be finished. Then, a new message will be sent to him/her, asking for his/her confirmation to proceed to the next tornament stage and so on until the final matc of the tournament (in the case of a knockout tournament), or until the last stage of the tournament (if a danese system tournament).


If a user is disconnected, he/she has about 5 minutes to reconnect to Ludopoli; if succesfull, he/she will be automatically transferred to the table he/she was playing at.
If the user fail to reconnet in the above time-limit, he/she will lose the match, and a withdrawal will be added to his/her profile.
In a single-elimination tournament, he/she will be excluded from the tournament, in a knockout tournament he/she will be able to join the later stages of the tournament, provided he/she will reconnect in time.


A user can withdraw from or quit a tournament match.
In a single-elimination tournament, the user will be excluded from the tournament. In a knockout tournament the quitting player will lose the match (by a margin of points variable from 20% to 80%) ma he'll be able to play in the following stages.
When a player reach the maximum number of withdrawal allowed, during a tournament reserved for Citizens, he/she will be banned from Ludopoli until the first day of the following month.

Duration of game stages

Every game stages has a maximum length, decided before-hand (which is dispalyed in the "tournament's info" box).
When the allowed time is up, the player with the highest score will win the match.
In case of a draw, the winner will be randomly decided by the server.

How tournament matches' points are given

The outcoming of a Buraco match is given by the difference in points between the winner and the loser.
For example,if tha match finishes with a score of 1010 against 700, the winner will gain 310 points, the loser -310.
The same is true for the italian card games Kalooki 40 ancd Tressette.

In case of a draw

If the match ends with the 2 palyers having the same score (draw), and while the time allowed for that stage is not up yet, another round will be played.
In case of a draw, when the time is up, the winner will be ranomly chosen by the server.

Is it possible to play at free tables during te tournaments?

No, it's not allowed to sit and play at free tables during a tournament.
If a player is seated at a free table, and the tournamet is about to begin, he/she will receive a message asking him/her to confirm his/her partecipation to the tournament.
If he/she confirms, the match he/she was paying at the free table will be lost by default.
If he/she doesn't confirm, he/she'll automatically quit te tornament, but will continue his/her match at the table he/she's sitting at.

Where can I read the tournament results

In the bottom-rigt part of the Tournament Window, you can see the tournament players' list and their score.
Even if they're ended, the tournament results are displayed for the whole day that tournament take place in, so it's possible to check the tournament players or their score.

How do Poker Hold'em Tournaments work?

Online Poker TOurnaments for Citizens and TOurists are sit&go tournaments. They're obviously automatically run by the server; all the partecipants start with the same amount of chips, and small blind and big blind increase at pre-determined intervals.
Every player who wants to join a tournament must have the necessary amount of chips required to enter that tournament.
The tournament winner will gain the chips the other players paid to enter the tournament.


Only the winners of the tournaments reserved for Citzens are entitled to receive Ludi as prizes.

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