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Kalooki 40 strategies: Discarding

Discarding is one of the most important part of an online kalooki 40 game. When you discard, you're not simply dumping the card you don't need: you may give your opponent some hints on your hand, or the game you're pursuing. So you must stay alert, and follow these simple winning strategies, while playing kalloki 40.

Keep the high cards at the begining of the game – they are very useful to reach the 40 points necessary for the initial melding. Moreover, the opponent could see you discard high cards, and could keep his/her high cards and usa yours to form melds.

Discards the high cards at the end of the game – it's clear, to avoid penalty points. But keep in mind the following kalooki strategy, as well.

Often change the type of cards you discard – by changing between low, medium and high cards when you discard, your opponent won't be able to predict your discards and use them against you.

Discard away from your opponent – In the early stages of a kalooki game, a winning strategy is to discard cards one or two away in value (and in a different suit) to those discarded by your opponent. For example, if your opponent discards a 6♣, discard a 3,4, or a 10, J of Spades, Clubs or Diamonds.

Remember drwan discards – if your opponent draws a card you discard, remember that card! this is a winning strategy when playing online kalooki 40. In this way, you waon't discard cards useful for the opponent.

These are some basic strategy tips when playing kalooki 40. However, to get a real grasp of the card game concept, you shoul practice playing on free online kalooki 40 websites, so you'll be able to pile up some experience, and maybe join online tournaments of kalooki.

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