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Poker strategies for online Texas Hold'em

It's a well-known fact that the most valuable skill in a poker player is reading the opponents(in this aspect, online Poker card game is different from other card games such as Kalooki 40, Buraco, Gin Rummy, or even italian card games like Tresette), and discerning if they're bluffing, or indeed have a strong hand. This is a rewarding poker strategy, especially when playing professional-level matches or live poker tournaments.
However, playing in free online Poker sites, without real money, requires a somewhat less skill in reading opponents; besides, playing online poker games, it's difficult to "read" an opponent's bluff, without actually seeing him/her.

However, the two most basic things to rember are:
• the two cards you hold are what makes you different from the other opponents in an online poker match;
• the cards on the table are shared with all the other online poker players, so it's vital to keep an eye open for what those cards could mean to the opponents (other than to us).

The first decision when playing online Poker Hold'em card game is taken only knowing your two cards, so you must evaluate carefully if they're good poker cards or not. In evaluating, it's important the number of players at the table of online Poker Hold'em card game. A good strategy is to fold before the flop if you have 2 non-pair cards, and both less than 10 (even if sometimes it could pay to play with, say, 8 and 9 of the same suit, to go for a straight or a flush, but that's open to debate).
When the big blind is low, sometimes you could afford to pay in to see the flop, even if you don't have strong poker cards. But the real winning strategy in online Poker Hold'em card game is to have patience: you have save your chips and wait for the right hand to really win an online poker match!

A common mistake between beginner online poker players, is that they continue playing after the flop, even with not-so-strong cards, just because they are already in, so they might as well go on and play...
Wrong. It's a good online Poker Hold'em strategy to cut your losses.
With six or seven player sitting at the online poker table, the winning hand is most of the time a hand of two-pairs. So, if you don't have a high pair after the flop (and you don't have really good chances for a straight or a flush), it's a good online poker strategy to fold that hand.

The last two cards to be revealed (the fourth and fifth), represent the last chances for the online poker player to quit before losing more money, or to increase his/her winning. At this stage of the game, there'll likely be only one or two opponents still playing. The online poker strategy to follow here is: be cautious. It's not a good move to stay until the last card is revealed hoping for a straight or a flush (sometimes you could win, but most of the times you won't). Generally speaking, the winning strategy in online poker card games is: never go too far in the game without a strong hand.
Our advice is to spend some time accumulating practice, by joining free online poker tournaments, or playing to climb online poker rankings before betting real money.

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