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How to play online Scopone and Scopa on Ludopoli

Here follows some simple explanations to help the new player of online Scopone and Scopa learn how to play the famous italian card games online on Ludopoli.

How to Select the card to play
Left-click once the card you want to play. The card will then be higlighted (it will be moved a little bit upper than te other cards, and it will be kind of shaded), as shown in the following screenshot.
Online Scopone cards highlighted

How to play the selected card
Once you have selected the card, simply left-click once on the card or cards you want to collect; they will be highlighted by a red rectangle. Then, to confrim your play, left-click once anywhere on the table. If the move is legitimate (i.e. if the card/s you want to collect has/have the same value of the card you played) you'll collect the card/s. If not, an error message will appear.
Online Scopone cards to be collected

If you collect all the cards on the table you realize a scopa, which is marked as follows. Collect all the cards to realize a scopa!

Nothing to collect
If you cannot collect any cards, simply highlight the card you want to play, and just click on the table (not on any card present on it); your card will be added on the table along with the others already present. After selecting a card from your hand, left-click once on every card you want to collect, to higlight them. If the total value of the cards you want to collect is the same as that of the card you selected, you will collect the cards. If not, an error message will appear.

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How to play Scopone scientifico and Scopa on Ludopoli. Learn how to use the interface of online Scopone and fully enjoy the italian card games online Scopone and online Scopa

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